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Custom Harmonicas

Using Hohner Marine Band 1896 as a base, I create a fully customised harmonica. This includes a custom made comb made from a selection of  Australian timbers that are fully stabilised and sealed to be moisture resistant and completely flat for an air tight seal to the reed plates. The reed plates are straightened, draw reed plate is then flat sanded. Reed plates are converted from nailed construction to m1.6mm screws. Cover plate nails are replaced with Hohner Crossover screw sets, Covers are opened up at the rear for greater sound projection. Embossing of reed slots if required and chamfering of each reed. Reeds are then reshaped for optimal response and performance then gapped to suit your playing style. I then tune them to your preference of temperament and Hz. The harmonica is presented in a custom vented timber case that is lined with velvet.

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